Barbershop and Men’s Grooming

Barbershop and Men’s Grooming

As a man, finding a barbershop and men’s grooming location that fits your style and personality can be challenging. Most salons are focused on female clients and many of the locations that do cater to men, seemed to be trapped in the “every man is a sports obsessed jock” stereotype. If you are man who prefers a more sophisticated sense of style and an appreciation for quality and value it can be hard to find the right place for you.

The Haberdashery in Claremore, OK has built a reputation for being one of the best places in the area to get mens clothing and accessories but The Haberdashery is more than just a mens clothing store. The Barbershop At The Haberdashery is an in-house barber and provides something different than your average hair salon.

The Barbershop At The Haberdashery is THE GENTLEMENS CHOICE in grooming. It is an experience designed just for you.

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What makes The Haberdashery a unique barbershop and men’s grooming experience?


  1. Focused on You


You’re appointment won’t be squeezed between a perm and hair coloring session before and after your haircut. The Haberdashery is focused on men’s haircuts and mens fashion. They offer expert guidance to help match your style and unique hair needs.  


  1. Not Just A Haircut


From your haircut to the clothes you wear, everything is a statement about who you are. The Haberdashery is more than just a barbershop and men’s grooming location. The Haberdashery offers high quality clothing brands and products that you can’t find anywhere else in the area. This means that your haircut isn’t just a quick buzz with the clippers and onto the next client at The Haberdashery. Every appointment is done with care because it is recognized as an expression of your unique style.  


  1. High Quality


You’re a man that cares about quality. You don’t believe in taking the easy route. You believe in taking the best route. The Haberdashery is a place for quality and style. From quality clothes to quality haircuts, The Haberdashery is not a place for cutting corners, designed for men that don’t believe in cutting corners in life either.


If you are looking for a barbershop and men’s grooming experience designed for you, The Haberdashery is the perfect solution for the modern gentleman. An environment focused on you that gives you more than just a haircut but an expression for your unique style with an uncompromising commitment to quality.

more than just a men’s clothing store