Men’s Clothing Store in Claremore

Men’s Clothing Store in Claremore

There are men that look for wide, easy roads that are well traveled and there are men that blaze new trails. When founder Justin Micheal thought about starting a men’s clothing store in Claremore there were no other places like it in the area. In an area with 7 boutiques geared towards women there was nothing geared towards men.

So Justin blazed a new trail and started a men’s clothing store in Claremore designed for the man that prefers the road less traveled with an uncompromising demand for quality. You can’t have a men’s clothing store aimed at quality if you don’t carry quality clothing so The Haberdashery made a point to carry the best in mens fashion.

What High Quality Brands does the Haberdashery carry?

Here are some of the high quality brands you can find at The Haberdashery, a men’s clothing store in Claremore that is blazing new trails.  



Patagonia has been blazing trails for quality and sustainability since 1973. Focused on people that love the outdoors, Patagonia not only makes sure that their products fulfill the highest standards for quality and sustainability, they also are a leader in setting the pace for how companies respect and care for the environment. Whether you’re on the trails or running your law firm, Patagonia has you covered.


Rowdy Gentleman

Rowdy Gentleman is a clothing and lifestyle company from Austin, TX that was born out of a love for good times, special moments and adventures.

Every product that bears the Rowdy Gentleman name exists to capture and enhance the moments in life that matter most.  


Saxx Underwear

SAXX started revolutionizing underwear over 10 years ago and quickly made a name for itself. Focused on equipping men with game-changing, next-level apparel that allows you to move freely, without restriction. Apparel that feels like it’s barely there, that elevates your everyday experiences, products that just work.


Many of these brands and others at the Haberdashery are products that you couldn’t find at any other men’s clothing store in Claremore, even if you could find another men’s clothing store in Claremore. The Haberdashery is blazing new trails and partnering up with other innovative companies that make quality products that carry that same trail blazing spirit. The Haberdashery is not just a clothing store, it is a one stop shop for your unique style and fashion. The Haberdashery carries many made in Oklahoma products, has an in house barber for a stylish haircut and even sells high quality cigars for celebrating life’s special victories.

more than just a men’s clothing store